Ludum Dare 35: Post Compo Version

After a couple of weeks of playing and voting on the games of others from the most recent Ludum Dare and getting votes and very valuable feedback in return has led me to do a bit of polish to Starship Janitor. Dealing with Feedback Most of my feedback so far has come from a small […]

Ludum Dare 35: Post-Mortem

So Ludum Dare 35 has come and gone, and I have Starship Janitor to show for it. Game Splash Screen And instead of just completing the game, playing the games of others, giving out some ratings and waiting for the three weeks to pass until the final scores came in, I thought it may be […]

Ludum Dare Finished!

All finished, game is complete and I am happy with it. Check it out here: Or while voting is open feel free to rate it here:

Ludum Dare 35: Build 1

More progress complete, enough for a first build to be pushed through, so I did. This early build probably won’t be posted anywhere but if requested before the finish time I can send the current build out. Just under 15 hours to go, should probably get back to it.

Game 2 Update and Lessons from Forcing Things

I have released an update for Game 2, this is mostly a few visual updates and world information additions (I.E an ‘E’ to collect visual) find it over on my page: Outside of these changes there is no real addition content and I am a little conflicted about this, let me elaborate. After the […]

Game 2 ‘Soft’ release

Just a little post on the second game in the 12 games in a year project, doing a soft release on game 2 as the game is mechanically complete. At the time of posting I have 5 days until the month is over  so I will probably add more ‘stuff’ to the game in the […]