Game 2 Update and Lessons from Forcing Things

I have released an update for Game 2, this is mostly a few visual updates and world information additions (I.E an ‘E’ to collect visual) find it over on my page:

Outside of these changes there is no real addition content and I am a little conflicted about this, let me elaborate.

After the last update, I spied a mini Ludum Dare starting with a theme of making a real time strategy, unsure if I really wanted to do it. After some deliberation, I decided to start one got a map being generated and some work on the job system. After this I noticed something I stopped working on the game and just started working on things that didn’t really matter when 3/4 of the game was nonexistent, things like UI, Ship art, speed settings and I just couldn’t pull myself out of this busy work to, well work on the game. The UI is now prettier but there is no system to place buildings, no visual representation of the mining jobs that had been assigned, no point for gathering ore, but we can see how much we have and can scroll in 3 different ways.

My interest in this project has faded to zero and I will not finish it in time, if at all. But I have learnt a lesson from this; forcing myself to build a game I am unsure about only leads to wasting hours on something that will sit on my hard drive wasting space.

But I do have a new little place points randomly inside a circle script that runs on a given seed instead of the purely random one that Unity has.


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