Game 2 Progress Update

Work continues on this game that still goes by the name of Game 2 according to its Unity folder. I completed the frame work for collectibles, placement and value and whatnot, completed the placement system for turret like enemies, as well as two varieties of turrets, currently called ceiling turret and up down turret. I […]

Quick Update

Late again! Work continues on this months game, buildings are being placed correctly and now there is loot to steal in some of the rooms, with a small, very small really, number of valuables. Next up is enemy development and placement then, depending on how long I have left adding more things to the game […]

A little late and a new direction

So it has happened again I have had another idea… the thing that I was trying to avoid, but hear me out! The space game is much too ambitious for me without sinking years into it, probably an unlimited amount of time really, a typical move for my projects. So we come to the new […]

Week 5: A break in proceedings

This week was not spent doing work on the space game, which still needs a name better than its current designation of “Heavy Story in Space”, instead I started a game for Mini Ludum Dare 65 with the given theme of Youth. After some thinking on the topic I was coming up dry with a […]

Omirul, Ice World, Win System

The chill of this place penetrates even the shielded enviro suit; it is hard to believe that any sane being would hide their valuables here. Yet what is sane about a man, well the stories say he was a man, driven by paranoia of their vast wealth being stolen, not by family, but by things […]